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No matter what service you provide, exceeding your customers’ expectations is essential to your future success. Many professionals struggle in this area because it can be very expensive to hire a dedicated front desk attendant or customer service specialist to work full time for your organization. The Greeting Team offers customizable virtual receptionist and professional answering services to a wide variety of industries and organizations. We can help you provide superior service to everyone who contacts your company. Feeling a little overwhelmed trying to find the right solution? We understand. Our plans are simple yet very customizable so you don’t overpay while enjoying the best professional answering services around. Our team goes through extensive training to ensure they deliver the best service to your clients while keeping you informed on every important detail so nothing is overlooked and you can address anything pertinent. Here are some of the different professions we specialize in:





Consider the following statistics concerning professionals:

In the last 12 months, 67% of consumers have hung up the phone due to the fact that they couldn’t speak to a real person (American Express Survey)
91% of unhappy customers will refuse to do business with you again if at all possible (Lee Resources
82% of businesses that fail claim cash flow problems as the main factor (U.S. Bank)

As you can see, customer service and budgets are things to think about when analyzing your business. The Greeting Team makes it easy to save money while providing superior service! Our qualified customer service specialists are committed to learning and understanding your business to provide a streamlined experience for your customers that will keep them coming back for more. Want to learn more about how we can help professionals? Check out our knowledge center or click the Get Started button below to view pricing:

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