Solutions for water and fire damage restoration contractors

Disasters are an unexpected turn of events for most people. When they hit, being there for customers is essential. Restoration contracting companies need to be prepared to provide customer support 24/7 when this happens and many turn to trusted providers such as The Greeting Team. Our experienced virtual receptionists are thoroughly trained to provide exceptional customer service by attending to every call that comes their way, no matter what time of the day or night.

Our Emergency restoration answering service is the answer to the issue of missed calls and sub par customer service. There is absolutely zero way to win back customers after they have decided to leave your business and go to your competitors. When disasters strike customers tend to be frantic, especially when they need your services and if they cannot speak with anyone they become disgruntled and that hurts your professional image.

25% of customers switch businesses because they are tired of being kept on hold. (Collin Burke/ramp)

Our qualified representatives will follow a custom script that you can develop in order to take care of your valued customers and gather information from them until their call can be redirected to you. We are designed to handle an influx of calls and conduct them to your standards as well as schedule appointments and send notifications to you through designated channels, such as email or phone calls. Partnering with The Greeting Team will also cut back on costs. Paying a salary for a receptionist can be expensive and they are not always available to answer the phone at the drop of a hat. A virtual receptionist service such as ours is an affordable alternative. We are committed to handling all calls efficiently and effectively. We are trained to handle all types of disasters whether it be a hurricane or flood, to a fire or broken pipe. Every call will be answered professionally and your company will shine in the midst of troubling situations. Partner with the Greeting Team in order to provide the best service possible to your clients!

Still a little unsure whether you want a virtual receptionist over a salaried employee? Why don’t you think about these benefits that come with our service:

Have urgent callers transferred directly to you, ensuring they are taken care of
Prioritize your callback because we will obtain all the relevant details for you
You will be able to take advantage of automated message confirmation services to ensure emergencies do not turn into disasters
We will provide bilingual support so your clientele base can broaden

As you can see, our emergency restoration services are beneficial to your company because they can retain your customers while gaining you potential new ones. They are designed to benefit your company during periods of uncertainty. You will be able to concern yourself with the more important aspects of you business than answering phone calls!

Ready to make the best first impression?