Customized solutions for trucking companies

We don’t have to tell you that trucking companies provide an invaluable service to consumers – you know that. According to American Trucking Associations, over 70% of all freight tonnage moved in America goes on trucks. People depend on the services you provide as you carry items that can be delivered to retailers or straight to the consumer’s residence. With so many goods transported on trucks, this industry faces an enormous amount of competition. A great way to get ahead of the competition and grow your business is to invest in virtual receptionist services for trucking dispatch. When you face as many competitors as you do in this industry, the way to stay on top is by utilizing all services that make your company superior to the competition.

Customer service is what drives any business and when you provide exceptional customer service you retain customers and gain potential new business as well. Missing calls can be very frustrating to consumers and many will choose to forego leaving a voicemail in favor of contacting and doing business with your competition. A virtual receptionist will enable your business to answer incoming calls from clients 24/7. Never missing calls will promote a positive and professional image for your business and help you retain customers and appeal to potential new clients as well. When clients are taken care of in a positive manner, you can rest assured knowing you gave them your best. Instead of having to employ an individual to answer calls and pay them a salary, a virtual receptionist will provide quality customer service at a fraction of the cost. This will reduce cost for your company and enable you to invest in other areas. Missed calls can also mean losing out on jobs which equates to your company losing revenue. Trying to find the best communications partner to work with does not need to be stressful. Partner with the Greeting Team and let us help you grow your business!

Without trucks, America stops. (American Trucking Associations)

Still not sure if a virtual receptionist is right for you? Here are some services we provide that you can benefit from:

We answer all your non-urgent and emergency messages and send them immediately to you via text, email, etc.
We update your driver and truck locations
Schedule pick-ups and deliveries
Dispatch your drivers when you are unable to
We are bilingual in order to reach a larger audience who require customer service support
We set up and maintain your drivers logs

As you can see, partnering with the Greeting Team is not just answering calls. We can also help with other customer service oriented tasks associated with your business. We will check items off of your to-do-list to enable you to focus on the higher priority tasks, your business and everything that is entails!

Ready to grow your transportation service?