We are with you in any emergency

Disasters cannot be fully prevented but their impact can be reduced. There is no forewarning when an organization needs dispatch services. Business owners do not think that tragedy will hit and cause panic among their customers, but when it does strike they hope for the best but need to prepared for the worst. There are various disasters that can cause devastation to an area. Hurricanes, tornadoes, mudslides, floods, fires, etc can all negatively impact a business’ clients if they are not prepared for the devastation that follows. Unfortunately there is little that can be done to prevent disasters but there are actions a business can take to deal with the aftermath of a disaster. The Greeting Team’s emergency dispatch service can serve as the answer to a company’s worst nightmare.

Does your business have a backup plan if disaster were to strike? Unfortunately, many businesses do not have any plan in place and are very vulnerable when it comes to a potential emergency situation. Since many companies do not plan on being struck by disasters they are not prepared to keep in touch with clients and team members, which could some with serious consequences. The Greeting Team offers an emergency dispatch answering service to keep your business in contact with clients around the clock even when the most unfortunate events take place. Not only will you never miss another call but the virtual receptionist will follow your script and protocol with precision.

They will be able to relay messages through various platforms such as, text, email, voicemail, live call etc. The Greeting Team will take charge of helping clients while you deal with the aftermath that follows disasters. If a call is urgent, a virtual receptionist will transfer the call directly to one of your team members (based on your stated preferences). This ensures a professional image by remaining calm, cool, and collected even after a disaster has struck.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” - Benjamin Franklin

Still wondering if this is the right service for you?  Check out more benefits that come from partnering with us:

We specialize in time-critical call processing
We tailor our services to fit your exact needs
We offer bilingual support in order to broaden support
Reduces expenses for your businesses
Efficient, worry-free process for emergency calls
An on-call scheduler provides you complete control over the processes followed by our agents
A professional and skilled team takes care of all your customers and employees, providing you with peace of mind

As you can see, partnering with The Greeting Team will not only provide your organization with amazing customer service when disaster hits, but also take charge in order to help your business recover. It will ease the burden of worrying about frantic calls from clients and let you focus on doing your job after a disaster.

We can help you take control in an emergency