How to Keep Clients and Callers Happy

When choosing a virtual receptionist service, remind yourself why you need it in the first place — your customers. There’s no “one size fits all” approach to keeping your clients satisfied, especially when it comes to dealing with phone calls you’ve missed. However, you have your own needs to fulfill. By choosing a flexible virtual receptionist service, you can rest assured that satisfaction will result on both ends of the equation.

Have It Your Way

There’s a fine line between your satisfaction and that of your customers. On one hand, customers want to speak with someone right away, any hour of the day, any day of the week. On the other hand, you need the freedom to return calls at your convenience. You should also have the ability to investigate a few details before talking to customers about their specific issue, so they don’t have the aggravation of explaining things multiple times. Enter the virtual receptionist service — a bridge between everyone’s needs.

You may prefer written messages in lieu of voicemails. After all, transcribing voicemails left by customers is a time-consuming task that you may want to avoid completely. If this is the case, we will gladly explain to callers that you prefer we write down the messages. We’ll assure them their calls will be returned as quickly as possible.

When callers phone in outside of business hours, reaching a live person — even one who can’t handle inquiries immediately — lends a professional aspect to your business that simply doesn’t exist within a basic voicemail system. Some businesses, such as those providing emergency cleanup services, need a way to identify customers with truly urgent needs. Getting a helpful and concerned person on the line will provide an immediate sense of calm to someone in a crisis. Virtual receptionists are the key to success for such outfits.

Genuine Human Interaction

When irritated clients call in to discuss an issue with your products or services, the last thing they want is to get dumped into someone’s voicemail. They’ll need to wait for a call back, and in the interim, have had no contact with a person who can provide a sincere apology, a sympathetic ear, and the assurance that their dilemma will be handled as quickly as possible.

The staff members at a virtual receptionist service have been trained to handle every aspect of caller interaction. They are professional conversationalists who have been educated about your services and products, so they’re well-prepared to deal with your callers and match their tone, which is vital in establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships. Making customers happy with their phone experience is our job, and we do it well.

Some customers prefer not to leave messages and will insist on speaking directly to a live person. We’ll assure your customers that calls will be returned as quickly as possible and reach out to you immediately if necessary.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Phone Services

Nothing helps save time quite like a good phone CRM service for your customers. The best ones are those that leverage caller ID technology to look up your customers’ information the moment their call is picked up. The system will ask them to verify that the right account has been located by providing a snippet of data (such as the first few digits of their address or the first few letters of their name). This ensures saving time and privacy.

Phone CRM not only increases customer satisfaction but also helps you run your business more smoothly. Keeping accurate phone records can be a real hassle, but a good CRM system automates this task. Times, dates, and typed-in notes specific to each phone call are but a few of the data types that are automatically tracked and stored.

Sophisticated Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR)

Another powerful tool to ensure happy clients is a good IVR system. It’s often inconvenient and clumsy to punch in numbers on a keypad. A caller that’s behind the wheel benefits most from IVR systems as they multitask by handling phone calls while on the road.

In the past, the technology behind IVR systems was lacking. Frustrating exchanges between humans and computers were often the result. “Did you say ‘Billing’?” “No! I said ‘Returns,’ you confounded robot!” “Thanks. Now transferring you to Billing. Please hold.” Fortunately, the recent explosion of computer technology has transformed IVR technology into something that’s not only usable but highly beneficial for all parties involved.

Callback Service

Some people prefer speaking to a live person, and some would rather leave a voicemail. A well-prepared staff member can call them back. Other customers, resenting the need to call your business in the first place, abhor phone calls in general and prefer email or text messages. One thing everyone has in common is hatred of being put on hold. It’s estimated that, over the course of a lifetime, one spends more than 40 entire days hanging on the line.

Callback services aim to radically reduce that waiting time. Customers will be given the option to receive a call when a representative is ready to speak with them about their issue. With the right virtual receptionist in place, you’ll already have the customer’s details in front of you when returning calls. Callback services make things easier for your team, while simultaneously saving your customer’s time.

VIP Phone Numbers

Some of your clients are special — and should be treated as such. Consider setting up a special VIP phone number just for them. They’ll feel honored to be provided such a number, allowing them to avoid the endless maze of “push 1 for this, push 2 for that” phone menu trees. You’ll benefit as well since your most important customers will be able to reach you that much more quickly.

Regardless of the size or scope of your business, maintaining happy clients should always be your number one priority. Arm yourself with a professional virtual receptionist service. Even those who call in to complain — and can’t reach someone directly — can still be left with the feeling that they are valued customers whose issues will be handled smoothly and efficiently.